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Technical data

Selection of grain size

The grain size mainly influences the material removal rate and the quality of surface respectively cutting edge. It also affects the lifetime of the grinding tool. On the one hand it is a matter of fact that the material removal rate is higher if a coarser grain size is chosen. A finer grain size, on the other hand, improves the surface.

We would be pleased to assist you on this individually – simply call us +49 2737 3573 and we will discuss how to work most efficiently.

Standard grain sizes for diamond and CBN

FEPA StandardUS MeshNominal mesh-sizeHeight of coating diameter
D 118216/20

D 118116/181180-1000 µm
D 100118/201000-850 µm2,30 mm
D 85220/30
2,00 mm
D 85120/25850-710 µm
D 71125/30710-600 µm
D 60230/40
1,50 mm
D 60130/35600-500 µm
D 50135/40500-425 µm1,30 mm
D 42740/50
1,00 mm
D 42640/45425-355 µm1,00 mm
D 35645/50355-300 µm0,80 mm
D 30150/60300-250 µm0,70 mm
D 25260/80
0,60 mm
D 25160/70250-212 µm
D 21370/80212-180 µm0,56 mm
D 18180/100180-150 µm0,45 mm
D 151100/120150-125 µm0,40 mm
D 126120/140125-106 µm0,35 mm
D 107140/170106-90 µm0,30 mm
D   91170/200   90-75 µm0,25 mm
D   76200/230   75-63 µm0,22 mm
D   64230/270   63-53 µm0,20 mm
D   54270/325   53-45 µm0,18 mm
D   46325/400   45-38 µm0,15 mm
D   30
   38-25 µm0,10 mm
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