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Diamond and CBN tools

Diamond and CBN tools

Diamond and CBN tools

Diamond and CBN tools

Diamond and CBN tools

Diamond and CBN tools

Diamond and CBN tools

„In vain will the rough hand lay hands on beauty, you can only cut one diamond with the other

Friedrich von Bodenstedt



We offer a large variety of services and products. Our area of expertise is the production or machining of various products ranging from drilling bits over band saw blades to dental tools.

Using our diamond tools our customer can machine several materials like refractory material, natural stone, graphite, concrete, asphalt, glass, plastics and GRP.Our continous research and new developments ensure fully developed special diamond tools for highly demanding materials and applications.

Just convince yourself!

Our Product Sections

Foundry supplies

Deburring and cleaning of nodular and gray cast iron parts on automatic casting cleaning machines.

Sintered tools

We manufacture sintered tools of nearly every dimension and every diamond and CBN grain size.

Electro-plated tools

Cut-off and grinding wheels having guaranteed surface finish and precision.

Floor grinding

Special tools and grinding segments for all floor grinding machines. Ranging from rough to precision grinding.


For straight, material-saving separating cuts if high precision and surface finish is needed.

Diamond cut-off wheels

Types: available in various bondings and grain sizes as well as forms. We will be pleased to assist you.

About us


Mr. Dirk Pfister was announed as managing director



Transformation of the single-member company to Diamantwerkzeuge Krauss GmbH 


Moved to the Siegerland



Founding of the Company by Mr. Ludwig Krauss
We produce galavanized and sintered diamond tools. Our main focus is on the production of special tools. In our factory, their base bodies are manufactured as per our customers special demands. As for this we continually prove high flexibility especia  lly regarding the delivery date and product itself.

We make the impossible possible!

Individually manufactured special tools

We will be pleased to help you  For many years we have been the experts at producing special tools.
We do the planning, development and production for your special area of application.
KRAUSS` individually produced special diamond tools are well known for their outstanding capability / tool life-ratio throughout the world - whether in the civil engineering and building construction industry,
refractory industry, nature stone machining industry or any other special industry.
Diamantwerkzeuge KRAUSS GmbH
Stahlstraße 4
D-57234 Wilnsdorf-Anzhausen
Telefon: +49 2737 21601-0
Telefax: +49 2737 21601-20



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