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Electroplated CBN tools

We produce electroplated tools having various forms and dimensions. From blank to recoating as among others:

Dressing and grinding tools

Types: All dimensions according to customers' requiremen

The advantages of CBN-graining (cubic crystalline boron nitride):

Compared to diamond it remains hard and durable even under high temperature <1000°

Even diamond can be ground if influenced by heat

Less warming during grinding process

Can be used without coolants and lubricants

Areas of application

Tempered high speed steel (HSS)

High-alloy tool steel min. HRC 55

Case-hardened steel, inductive heated steel

Iron-based powder-coatings

Chilled cast iron

Soft steel grades for special applications e.g.: springs

Nickel-based superalloys


Grinding wheels

Types: Full and partial graining / dimensions according to customer's requirements

High-quality grinding wheels ensure high surface quality because of their high concentricity. In addition, our grinding wheels are of very good wear resistance.

Area of application: castings e.g.

Grinding rolls and transport rollers

The right tool for your special requirement.
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